What has this world come to?

November 27, 2010
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What has this world come to?
Why has the world turned so cold?
What happened to the good ole days?
The world has changed and it has lost.
Teens across America lie, steal, and kill
Just to get there next "fix" or "high"
They will lie and cheat on tests from
Pressure from parents and teachers
To get good grades and make them proud
They will do anything to fit in
To be part of the "in" crowd
They might kill innocent people
To be in a gang.
They might embarass themselves
To be in a popular crowd.
Thousands of kids run away from
Their homes or even foster parents.
Some have to drop out of school
To raise their child
Some have dropped out of school
To raise their brothers and sisters
Because their parents can't handle it

Murdered by a gang: Shes 7
Drug O.D: Shes 13
Suicide: Hes 15
Homicide: They're 14, 16, 17
Abducted: Shes 18

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