Leave this all behind

December 8, 2010
She’s all alone and surrounded by people
Her misty blue eyes are clouded behind tears
You’re still next to me, but you’re not with me at all
Your minds lost in your memories trying to forget
But at the same time unable to let go
He’s was winter now its June chasing fall

Times still flying while her hearts dying
I am growing time isn’t slowing please forgive me for that
I’m sorry, I’m so sorry you can’t go back
Get up and get gone before the world moves on
Forget that boy that made you hit the ground
You can’t keep walking at the end of the tunnel
So drop this match with me

Her goodbyes dissolve in to the ground
The memories of everything full of nothing take them all
Your words melt and are immortalized in way
Maybe someone will listen and care someday
Soon well walk on and on, never looking back
Say good bye to your burning bridges
Kiss the empty you good bye
Let go of your fears, say no to your tears
Well leave this place behind
Well leave this all behind

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