Empty Chests & Dying Breaths

November 27, 2010
I haven’t cried since
The middle of May
I haven’t screamed
Since the end of June
I didn’t cry
Because I was busy livin’ life
I couldn’t scream
Because my chest was empty
No beating heart
Only a frozen clump of blood
No expanding lungs
Only CO2 and sighs
My skin is red and yellow
When you say its porcelain
My eyes a blue-black
When you say they’re the sky
Opposite my frozen clump of blood
Is your literally broken heart
Opposite my CO2 and sighs
Is your laughter and cool breath
You can easily confuse me
And it makes me almost cry
You can easily manipulate me
And it makes me smile plastically
I worry about death
You worry about sex
I worry about you
Do you worry about me, too?

Don’t answer that.

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poetrydiva93 said...
Dec. 14, 2010 at 6:37 pm
THis is really good!
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