Ps,Im not over You!

November 27, 2010
How have you been darling?
Ive tryed getting you out of my head,but doesnt work.

I just cant seem to get over you because when i try,

It Almost makes me wanna cry!

Theres always somthing there to remind me.
Dont you know ive tryed my hardest to get you out of my mind?
Boy dont you know its not easy?
I always seem to dream that you n i were just a movie on the Tv,

Somtimes i wanna go back in time to figure what went wrong,
Im so lost and confuse,
I dont know what to do!
I try going out with a guy to get you out of my head, but yet your still there.
I just wish i could press rewind and show you how much im still not over you!
Hun, I know we havnt talked for sometime,
I thought i would write you this letter,
maybe the words would have came out better.
listenting to all these love songs,

nothing seems to get better!
Theres alot of feelings that i still have...
maybe you thought i would jsut put them all behind me!
But ive tried so hard to get you out of my mind
and the easyest thing so far was turning off the radio.
I guess it doesnt matter what I say ,
Because you dont give me the time of day!
The only thing left to say is have a great day!
ps.Im still not over you

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Merinoboy said...
Jan. 7, 2011 at 11:35 pm
I liked it alot u really did take time to write this
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