Unforgettable Love

November 27, 2010
By horsegurly93 SILVER, Terrace Park, Ohio
horsegurly93 SILVER, Terrace Park, Ohio
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I want golden love
that hums
as the sun softly shines
through my dewy window.

I want scrumtrulescent love
that goes to get me warm cinnamon bagels
while I’m still dreaming of it.

I want glistening love
that I can hear echoing
as I call it’s name
across a bubbling waterfall.

I want crimson love
that cuts out doilies
to put on my valentines.

I want heartache love
that won’t let me think
about anything but it.

I want earsplitting love
that shouts my name
from building tops
just so people know
that I belong to it.

I want unforgettable love.

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