Summer Days

November 27, 2010
By horsegurly93 SILVER, Terrace Park, Ohio
horsegurly93 SILVER, Terrace Park, Ohio
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We split a juicy peach
picking the pit out,
And tossing it into the
nearby woods.
The sweet juice
dripped down our
cheeks and on to our sticky swimsuits.
We placed our feet down
carefully on the slanted, flat rock
and headed toward the glinting waters.
The lake lay still and smooth
like a flying saucer floating in the midnight sky.
We waded in
letting the freezing water
gush through our skin
and into our souls
as if a gate had been opened.
The sun sat quietly.
My cousin’s dark curls bounced as she
ambled across the lake’s jagged bottom.
She hummed a song I recognized.
The melody filled my ears
as we simultaneously splashed
beneath the supervision of adults

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