Better Judgment

November 27, 2010
I never know if I am doing the right thing
moving the right way
I have no faith in my judgment anymore
just like you
I have no faith in you either
yet I can't help
but hope just a little
that both of you will come through
in the end
some words draw a shape
a distinctive image
some don't
most are lost to the air
as soon as they are spoken
no lingering aftertaste
all has gone bitter and sour
with you gone
and I listen to that song again
the one about the lonely palace
with too many empty rooms
and it draws me the same picture
as it did when I was little
but your name doesn't draw up anything
no colors
no music
nothing comes with it
but that's okay with me
I spent long enough dwelling
but I still hope
in the end
I move in the right direction
and that my judgment
(and you)
will come through
I don't want to have to miss you

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