hungry teenager

November 27, 2010
By alzie1992 SILVER, New York, New York
alzie1992 SILVER, New York, New York
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when i close my eyes
i see friend dough with
powdered sugar and a fork
i ask for the time
i am told it's twelve

Jessica tells a funny story
so i laugh i realize
my stomach is still empty
i ask for the time
it is around twelve-ten

by that time we had
reached the beach omg Jessica
did you hear that it
sounds like thunder no it's
just your stomach stop complaining,

i swallow my saliva it
tastes gross pancakes would be
delightful now Jessica let's
get pancakes it's lunch time
no it's only twelve fifteen

my legs feel weak i
am tired i cannot focus
or function my tummy is
yelling at me i feel
empty why am i alive

Jessica tells another story this
time it's not funny Jessica
i'm blind your hair smells
like peaches why are you
tormentime me please stop it

i am losing the will
to live everything goes dark
except the ice cream sign
i ask for the time
it is twelve sixteen

two small children sit on
the beach with ice cream
i want to kick sand
into their dessert they suck
i'll stop complaining for food

my bones feel brittle i
am malnutritioned please i will
eat anything Jessica i say
please tell me the time
it is still twelve sixteen.

The author's comments:
I was very hungry when I wrote this poem.

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