So You're Gonna Be Like That

November 27, 2010
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Just go
Leave me in silence
To end my thoughts of anger and violence
You make me seethe and shake
Because you don’t know what’s at stake
Failing to understand and see
Everything, or anything, about me
Still I listen to your wisdom
Your insults calling me dumb
Saying overreacting, overdramatic
Don’t you know how much crap that is
Your tongue twisting like a snake
Spilling the lies your brain makes
Filling my ears with delusions
Eyes deceived by illusions
I tripped and fell down from grace
Screaming, plunging into empty space
Until I was saved by wings sprouting
Just as I had stopped doubting
Found myself and caught it too
Now I’m coming back to take a shot at you
You are the core of what’s really wrong here
Time to accept the responsibility, my dear
I’d say act your age but I don’t want you acting like dirt
Just be mature, I know it’s tough but make the effort
Start preaching what you’re teaching you filthy hypocrite
Stop changing your mind and saying “that twit”
No more making faces when asked a question
No more writing referrals for Saturday detention
Stop laughing when you ruin others’ lives
Can’t you stop making students cry
This is absolutely and utterly ridiculous
You being so harsh, cold-hearted and soulless
My gosh woman! What do you have against us
To be so cruel, vindictive, vicious
Escape denial and your wrongs you must admit
Get a reality check, and heart while you’re at it

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haleyrl said...
Feb. 4, 2011 at 7:47 pm
looove ut! i know how you feel.
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