Battle from Within

November 26, 2010
I'm good one day
The next i'm bad
I'll be happy in someway
Then the next day sad
There's a battle from within
I'm trying to fight it, but i'm loosing myself to sin
No way can i deny it
The wrong takes control, while the right goes to sit
Whats there to do? Might as well live with this
Lifeless i feel as i reach towards deaths sweet kiss
I promised him i'd stay on the light side
But it's harder than i thought,to be good I've rarely tried
This is just easier a shortcut to simplicity
I've lost myself too far now, to this evil I've lost all signs of me
But something inside me wants to go back to being good
With that pure innocence your born with up until your late childhood
But it struggles with the part of me that finds it easier to hurt, to survive
So for all the good to take over for my mind is a great strive
This is a battle from within all I've got to do is think
But that's the problem with this all, a wrong decision can be made right on the brink

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