Dawning of the Age of Aquarius

November 26, 2010
By halvy BRONZE, Girdwood, Alaska
halvy BRONZE, Girdwood, Alaska
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Solstice propaganda
mystical, believing blindly
never-minding the times we spend not minding

hang lowely low
those roots' sickle toes
goekos nose, how the cobwebs grow
longing to bring despair

but we understand the essence of these things, scientifically, religiously
never dread a widow's nest for these spider's are making seedlings
happy days, crazy spider, ate her mate, hairy legs, no curds and whey behind her

elocutionists' pose
we pull those ropes
gliding on a breeze to a monumentous mountain with many green pine trees.
don't forget my dear darlin, couldn't hear ya over the break of mournin'

lobster mobsters, fished all day in the river, couldn't get a bite.
Saw a mo-hawk rockin' to some brassy beatz, progressively
silly bunnies still hip hoppin'

Never have I ever played to any great knights
anything to meaning
sunflower sparks, magic waning moons shrouds of mysteries,
crazy daze spent in a haze.

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