Dear Girl

November 26, 2010
By Anonymous

Dear girl,
Why the low face?
Naive girl,
Take this at a steady pace.

Shy girl,
I know about what you've lost,
Weird girl,
Being unique is a pricey cost.

But look at what you've accomplished,
Stare at yourself through your mirror.
You're truely, honestly, endlessly beautiful.
Soon your future will be clear.

Don't give up on being yourself,
Never let others control you.
Fight for your love and your dreams,
I'll be here, all the way through.

Continue on your way with the utmost happiness.
Have your faith and never let go,
I believe in you,
Go on without any woe.

Leave the past behind forever,
You need nothing from it.
It's nothing compared to now.
Love, you have the greatest wit.

Friendly girl,
You're not alone in this world.
Shining girl,
It's just begining to be unfurled

Laughing girl,
Always let the sound of laughter ring in your ears.
Happy girl,
Look back on all your years.

Don't let yourself get so torn up.
Never take a hold of that knife.
Why do you want to escape so bad?
You're giving up on life.

I tried to warn you,
Didn't you hear?
Sometimes I know what I'm talking about.
I thought I made it clear.

You're smarter than this, I know.
Why did you do such a thing?
It's starting to rain,
The birds have stopped their singing.

The people are driving to the church,
Tissues in hand, tears in their eyes.
You thought they didn't care.
But today there is no disguise.

Father talks of your lost life,
The accomplishments you made,
The love your family gave you,
The ones you betrayed.

They set you in the ground today,
Everyone dressed in black.
Do you still disagree?
They all want you back.

You can only watch from the heavens,
staring down with tearful eyes.
Does this make you happy,
seeing your families cries?

A woman with with her head hung low steps forward.
You blamed her for everything.
But in your eyes, you beg to differ.
This was her ultimate sting.

Your mother did love you,
With all her heart and more.
Yet you still let go,
You made her sore.

Sad girl,
Are you finally at peace?
Dead girl,
You shouldn't have taken that release.

The author's comments:
I was just going through a tough time and came up with this. I hope from this people will realize what they can lose when they take the alternative to pushing through all their troubles.

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