November 26, 2010
They look down upon our world
Seeing all that goes on here
Stars, twinkling above us
Watching our small planet.

Some say stars have hearts
Others say different
I believe that they can here us
Wondering about who we are.

When they take see us for the last time
They wave good-bye from their home
When their core finally burns out, we wont notice
But their neighbors will weep for their loss.

Stars, twinkling above us
They see the love and compassion
They see the death and destruction
But they still have the nerve to look at us.

Down in the big city
We can't see the stars' beauty
They see us, and think about what it is like
To be the earthlings we are.

Up in the dark mountains
Stars show everything they have
We lay upon the ground, gazing at the magnificence.
We wonder how it must be to be as big as they are.

Stars, part of the place we call the universe
Their majesty is unimaginable
Yet, they wonder the same.
Stars, they light up the sky with their love

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