Too Late

November 26, 2010
Sometimes you never really know
About the one you blew off and that you are about to let go
And the pain doesn’t go away easily
If you could see the future as a consequence what would it be
Tears are like waterfalls even though it has been almost two weeks and he is no more
Now I know that so much could have been said but I am filled with remorse
Trying not to think of the situation or even thinking of a why
I wish we could have talked more instead of me crying with him taken from me and there was no goodbye
But every year, it seems like the same things happen again
What are the reasons for them to continue and not let the good things shine to the end
I feel as though this may not of happened
All he needed was a red light to stop him or at least a distraction
However it happened I’m sure he is in a better place
Where I am almost certain he can hear our prays
And also he would have seen how much love there is to share
How many of his friends reacted like me and show that they really do care
Honestly, how many times was there a price to pay
Never let go because sometimes it can be too late

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