Middle School: Cliques, Crews, and Stereotypes

November 26, 2010
By Bubblybubbles223 PLATINUM, Warren, Oregon
Bubblybubbles223 PLATINUM, Warren, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
people are like tomatoes...theyre red on the inside...and fun to smash...and especially fun to throw at walls. and clowns. and annoying teachers. and pirahnas cuz they say yuck cause theyre vegetables! ~me

My bestfriends lurk
Beside Cheerleaders and Jerks
They blend in with the crowd
and always make me proud

We always have fun
cause they're not like everyone
they'll be here forever
cause they're my bestfriends ever

Cheerleaders are so pretty,
so popular and cool;
But the jocks that they make giddy
just sit around and drool

The nerds are a little bit dorky
Always standing alone
Always in their own little world
As enclosed as a stone

And the druggies they just sit there
as helpless as can be,
With tangled knots in their overgrown hair..
But theres more than you can see

And the group im in, were weird(:
But pretty awesome too
Were a little more popular than you feared;
but were a little cooler too(:

Middle school life
I know it sucks
But jst try to make it through,

I know it bring strife,
It's all about luck
But do whatever you can do(:

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