Monstrous Repercussions

November 25, 2010
Jealousy, certainly not something of which to be envious of, chokes the life out of rationality,
It eats away, like corroding metal, the sensibility with which you previously lived,
You don’t look for it, but it very often finds you, frequently when you least expected,
That’s how surprises generally go: unexpected.
Jealousy is like that too: unexpected.
But surprises lead to pleasant thoughts, unlike those of envy.
Rightfully so, nothing enjoyable precedes a jealous heart.
You might know the feeling: that sting as you see his arms wrapped around her.
That tingle when you see her smiling at him like she used to smirk at you.
It hurts, physically
and mentally
and emotionally
and in ways you never fathomed could hurt.
That little green monster proves uncompassionate and far from considerate.
The creature may grow in something as simple as a glance her way, not yours.
The animal may take form in something as volatile as an embrace with him, not you.
Wherever it rears its head,
For whatever reason its claws attack,
The pain reverberates until revenge fills its place.
When you have something she doesn’t,
When you know someone he doesn’t,
Jealousy claims a different victim,
And you feel satisfied as the monster lurks behind another.

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