November 25, 2010
By soccerdan96 BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
soccerdan96 BRONZE, Great Neck, New York
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We are all pushed around
Kicked and thrown everywhere
Our lives are directed by others
It seems so unfair

Sitting around, minding our own business
We get stepped on, all the time
Why us, what did we do?
It seems so unfair

Lying there, doing what we do
Getting hit by someone’s shoe
How come we are the ones whose bodies get knocked over?
It seems so unfair

We lie there, Feeling so helpless and weak
The taste of dirt in our mouths
The smell of disgusting nature
It seems so unfair

Bits of our cells
Get chipped off our bodies
Sitting there hurt, on the inside and out
It seems so unfair

Our life is a cycle of cruelness towards us
What did we do to deserve this?
If we did nothing wrong, I don’t get all of this cruelty
Us stones’ lives just seem way too unfair

The author's comments:
I was making a poem portfolio for English Class in 7th grade. The poem had to use personification and metaphoric language. At the time, I was going through a hard time, so I expressed myself through stones.

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