November 18, 2010
By Anonymous

Am I alone,
that's how I feel.
Love is far beyond,
My reach.

No one loves,
me more than my hate for him!!
I wonder is there anyone above,
if so does he love me?

I prayed,
but I've never heard.
I'm so afraid,
that if I search within myself I'll find nothing.

Finding who I am,
Is difficult if being nothing is all you've ever known!
All my life people telling me to scram,
that they dont want me around!

Livingg with the constant pain,
of growing up without a father.
It drives me insane!!
to know that I'm not wanted!!

So tell me this,God,
are you the father I've been searching for?!?!
If so then I gotta kno!
I've clawed ,my heart from my chest.

I stand before you,
Here's your cue,
to take me,this lifeless,loveless corpse into your grasp.

Lifes too hard to go through alone,
it hurts when no one wants you.
I dont want to become a crown,
I need someone!

Can that someone be you?
I've never known love.
I need something to breakthrough,
the shell I call my life!

Can I call you Abba?
I've never actually had one.
please be patient,I'm still learning how to love.

The author's comments:
I wrote this when I was upset after Church because I realized that I dwell on my dad not being there for me. and i decided that I'm done dwelling! (:

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