Never Choose Neverland

November 18, 2010
By alexaproz BRONZE, Winnetka, Illinois
alexaproz BRONZE, Winnetka, Illinois
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How nice it would be

To drop our books
And replace them with hooks
Rest our tongues, and seize our fuming words
Fighting enemies with swords instead
And when the pirates lay dead
No jailhouse havoc will shed
But the cheering searing
from mermaids and fairies shall spread

But the Lost boys are lost for a reason
They no longer live to see a changing season
In order to stay young forever,
They are told,
Is to sacrifice what the future may hold
Investing all wealth in eternal youthful gold
This is just how the man in green
Wishes to portray the misguiding scene
Successfully convincing Darlings adulthood is mean

Lets raise a cup,
For the poor boys who wouldn’t grow up
Should they have stopped to think
They’d known that with only a blink
They could see a fairy named Tink
Without having to cross the brink
That pours life, as you know it
down the sink
The tik, tik, tik
and the tock, tock, tock
On reality’s continuous clock
Aren’t there to mock us in our maturation
It’s no secret that we are always able to take a vacation
We need only our minds to relish Neverland in our imagination
But when the going gets tough
And adult responsibilities seem rough
Before we start to believe
we agree with Peter’s aging pet peeve
Remember the beloved family you’d leave
And the piercing volume you’d scream
If walking the plank wasn’t just a dream
So embrace that the shadow you see is your own
The person it displays, each second is more grown
In reality, Neverland is still always present
In Neverland, it is reality’s withdrawal you resent.

The author's comments:
Inspiration: to write a poem about a fairy-tale and my feelings about how it may apply to the real world

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