November 13, 2010
By Tanya.T SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
Tanya.T SILVER, Joliet, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"The eternal mystery of the world is its comprehensibility." -Einstein

My voice stumbles as I stutter through my line

I struggle to recall those ornate words

The voice in my head is astoundingly loud today, contending to be heard

"Coward!" It screams. I suppress it again, and continue…

I recollect my course of thought

And wonder if there’s coherence

The voice has an answer loud and clear, “No ma’am, not even near!”

I neglect it and regret having it as a part of me

But let’s face the fact…. It’s frustratingly real

Embarrassed, as I walk off the stage

The voice screams “where is the directness?”

I wait for it to fade away, but then I realize it was here to stay

The most that live in a make believe world pretending to be oblivious,

That they are all a fake

Born human just like the others, they live a lie

Guiltily accept their unexcused pointless pride inside themselves

Ignore the candid conscience

Or die in misery that they rename as eternal brilliance.

Simplicity is the leisure most lack

I resign, I quit, because I failed to ornate

I state this because it is as simple as it gets

And it would be more daunting if I foolishly deny the fact

Where did I lose my touch with simplicity?

When did I begin to seek false honor?

I had known the gist of my argument, I knew it so well

Why did I fail to achieve meaning?

Why was I stuck on beautified vagueness?

Maybe because I aspired sympathy through ignorance

Sympathy for my futile blunder

I yearn for the stretch that didn’t last long

When the world had been undeviating as it evolved

When everything I conveyed came straight from the heart

When a singing bird put a glow on my face and I was refreshed

A leaf was just a leaf right from the start

A smile was just a pleasant gesture while a dew drop was just water

Everything was simple, mirrored in itself

When did simplicity become so hard to attain?

Why did my mind start playing stubborn games?

When did the simplest things become so complex?

In no time I have become a part the world, so perplex!

Why did I find a need to complicate something so plain?

Life wasn’t supposed to be a pain

I once asked a child, “What’s life”,

“Life is fun”, he answered

I envy the child for his simplicity

I envy him

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