I gave you everything I had

November 13, 2010
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I really did love you
I loved every second I spent with you
You made me feel so secure
I honestly feel confused at times
I wish you could be here near by
But there’s no going back
People say there are no impossibles
But they're wrong me and you are impossible
You taught me how to let my fears go
I found out my weaknesses should give me strength
I would always say “You were my everything”
I truly felt that way
It’s hard to trust
I feel like I’m going to get heart broken
You might think I’m scared to get hurt
And that’s true
I got no reason to lie
I gave you everything I had
All you did was leave me sad
I don’t know if you cared
But now it doesn’t matter
I’m not foolish enough to fall that easily
After all that’s what you saw me as
A fool who would play all your games
I was a toy to you
I let the love I had for you blind me
You’ve left me careless
I no longer care about the world You should be happy
You got what you wanted

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