Be A Fighter

November 13, 2010
By mvwaslike SILVER, Smithtown, New York
mvwaslike SILVER, Smithtown, New York
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Favorite Quote:
& ultimately, he's going to find out: how you
chew, how you sip, how you hum, how you dance,
how you smell at every point in the day. The fact that
most of your friends are shallow. That you hate
sitting in an aisle seat, how you sometimes can't
seem to listen, how you get hyper when you travel,
how certain games or shows make you really happy,
how you get cranky because you're too stupid to
remember to sleep, how you don't like the way you look
in most of your pictures, how you can't get off the
phone when it's late, because you don't want to sound
like you care, how you have no ability to save receipts.
He's going to know all of it; everything about you,
he's going to know. & he's still going to love you.

I lay,
Arms beneath my forehead
Soaking up the stars burning rays.
My skin;
Coated with a protector
Fighting off the dangers that the sun gives off,
And protecting the delicate coat
Surrounding every centimeter on my body
I lay,
Tummy pressing against earth’s fiery atmosphere.
Experiencing the feel of intense heat.
Striking the outer portion of my body.
Like a laser gun,
So sharp and painful.
The block,
Remains suttle,
Guaranteeing protection.
My skin sizzles,
Yet, the fighter;
has fought his last battle.
He no longer contains the power he first started with.
Be a Fighter, and
A fighter.

The author's comments:
Everyones experienced this feeling... The kind of feeling where you just want to give up because your problem/situations too rough...

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