November 25, 2010
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Some people say I’m judged only by my Father
Others say I’m the most fortunate daughter
They say I’m pure as a sacred place
Calling upon the world my Father’s grace

They call me princess and call me Belle
They say I’m beautiful, they say I fell
Down from heaven, an angel come to life
Sweet as sugar, deadly as a knife

But words are words and names are names
They’re all just meanings, just a game
Of guess who? I’ll guess you now and forever
Of guess what? It’s our ties they wish to sever

I’ll call you Earl, a warrior at heart
Maybe Hermes, ready to depart
Perhaps you’re beautiful, a name like Kevin
Or maybe your name my Father has given

Meaning strong, swift or fearless, it’s all a game
They’re all just words, all just names
Meaning courageous or righteous, it has to end
Names don’t make people; they don’t make friends

They don’t bring wind or life to a dove
They don’t bring hate and they don’t bring love
They don’t tell us how to live or how to die
They can’t teach us to swim or teach us to fly

I don’t need a name; I can’t be labeled
As one thing or another, it’s all just fabled
People are like Ogres; we’re all layered
Just like ice cream, we’re different flavors

Call me Nameless, not fortunate or pure
Even my Father knows I’m judged by more
Than just him; he knows I’m judged by people everywhere
People not like you that just don’t care

That we’re playing guess who? All night under the stars
I’ll guess you and it’ll be over before we see Mars
While they’re messing with words and messing with names
We’ll stroll hand-in-hand, released from their games

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AsIAm This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Sept. 6, 2012 at 12:25 pm
Love this, Felix! And long time no talk! We need to catch up!
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