Sea of Conformity

November 25, 2010
By cookie_monster99 GOLD, Manalapan, New Jersey
cookie_monster99 GOLD, Manalapan, New Jersey
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Amongst a sea of apathetic beings, I find myself drowning.
My strength is the will to live, to be an individual.
I swim towards the shore, fighting the current, expressing my ideas.
The current is too strong, too oppressive, their power comes in numbers.
I exert all my effort, everything I am, everything I stand for.

I struggle to breathe as water enters my lungs, illusions of conformity flood my mind.
My heart’s thumping, my only motivation to live, ceases to furthermore beat.
My mind, poisoned with their ruthless aloofness, loses its sense of individuality.
Motionless, I lie, with no defined identity.
I become one of them.

Unified by our unreal souls, mirrored by our blank expressions,
We drift as a body composed of individuals,
with a sole purpose of decomposing individuals.
We drain them of all thoughts, feelings, and emotions
until only cold blood circulates through their blue veins.

The victim’s identities eventually dissolve, torn apart by the sea.
We are the formidable sea, the repressive force crushing the souls of individuals.
We tranquilize the rising nonconformists by disciplining them.
We are responsible for the strict unity among everyone.
We are society.

The author's comments:
In school, we had to write aphorisms. I came up with "Individuality is the conformity to nonconformity." In response to that, I wrote this poem.

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