Rag Doll

November 25, 2010
I'm your Rag doll just your toy,
To you I'm just another boy,
You lead me around on your strings, Lead me to believe everything,
Everything you told me,
All the things you said we'd be,
I guess im just your Rag doll,
I'm always here for you,
I'll support everything you do,
I'm here for you through and through,
But that doesn't mean much to you,
It feels like I'm just your toy, Please now dont be coy,
To me it feels like I'm your Rag doll,
I just do as I'm told,
My life is yours to hold,
I do anything you say,
Then i just get thrown away,
But i made my promises to you,
And i hold my promises true,
Even if I'm just your Rag Doll....

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