Who are you then.?

November 25, 2010
By Lette_Izzy SILVER, Emlenton, Pennsylvania
Lette_Izzy SILVER, Emlenton, Pennsylvania
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When the world is to a end
Who or what will you be then?

When tree's turn into dust
will you just raise your hands and cuse.

When the angels fall,and forget,
Are you going to fight and hit?

When god turns into a fake,
Will the people of earth hate?

When your lover dies,
Are you going to cry?

When beings begin to fail,
Is everyone going to be trail?

When nothing turns out right,
Are you going to see the light?

When believers stop what they do,
Are you going to have a clue?

When all human beings fight back
Do you know how your going to react?

When all the love is gone,
Are you going to be able to hold on?

When all this goes down,
Will you painfully drown?

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