You think you know her.

November 24, 2010
By Anonymous

You think you know her,
You think you understand her,
You think there is nothing beneath the surface,
You couldnt be more wrong.
She is nothing like she seams,
You only see what she wants you to see,
What she allows you to see.
What you see is nothing,
It is the tip of the iceburg.
She is like clockwork,
So simple
On the outside,
While on the inside, so complex.
Each smile takes so much effort,
Each fake laugh starts to sound less genuine.
She is so fragile,
She feels like one more wrong move could break her,
Send her tumbling into nothing.
She has to be strong,
She has to smile, to laugh, to act
Like everything is perfect,
When in reality she knows
Knows she's on the edge of a clif already.
No one knows how she sits alone
At night and bawls.
No one knows how hard it is just to get up.
No one could ever understand the situation shes in,
Until they too, are in her situation,
And because no one knows her,
No one understands her,
No one can help her.
She is fragile.
She is lost.
She is not the girl you see...
She is me.

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