On a Cold December Night

November 24, 2010
December again.
We zipped through New Years and Valentines Day.
We dashed through Easter.
We blinked…there goes summer!
Through Halloween and Thanksgiving.
I almost forgot birthdays and the Fourth of July!
Those seemed to go by faster than light.
And again we’re in December.
Now things seem to slow down.
People put up lights and mistletoe.
We sing carols and have snowball fights.
Then comes the night to remember.
The night when reindeer fly and magic is in the air.
The night when you hang stockings up by the fire
And wonder what will be in them when you wake.
It’s the night when little children try to stay awake.
Most fall asleep by midnight, but some make in longer.
It is the essence of love, light, music, and peace.
What is this time?
I think we know.

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