The Lightning Strike

November 24, 2010
Her body jerks yet her eyes refuse to open
As a strike of lightning sparks the sky
The bond they once held is broken
He knows the storm won’t break through the night

The memories of their first sight
Leave behind only an echo
Worried that the storm might end
Before he can fill in the chasm

The words left unspoken are meaningless now
The second strike of lightning breaks through the sky
All he can do is hold on and wait
Hoping what they shared will bring her through

He reminisces the time they had together and the time he wasted
Now they have left only shadows
The faint noise of her monitor brings him under
When the final lightning strikes

The sky begins to open while the storm fades away
She lies still and her hand slips out of his
The feelings he never told her, the truth he never got to say
Left behind as the storm slips over the horizon

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