Once upon a never

November 24, 2010
By Anonymous

On an odd day

She was never born

She didn’t see the morn

She was never given a name

She was no one’s flame.

She had never seen the sun

She has never singed a song

She was never given a choice

She had never been given voice

Her life was sad

This drove her quite mad

She saw nothing but Clouds

All around

She held it all inside

She felt confined

She tried to keep her chin

As fare from the ground

She tried to stay positive

Get rid of her addiction

She tried to stop shedding

Thos large amount of Crimson colored tears,

Who mad her arm look like the were crying

She tried to keep everyone from seeing

How ugly she’s grown to be

How strange she’s grown to be.

She envied their eyes

Because from an early age,

In the years of her youth

She has not seen

As the rest of the world saw

She envied there bodies

She had not felt

As others felt

Hollowed out and alone is all

That she has known.

She held on to a secret

She held on to her addiction

Sweeter then candy

Stronger then meth, lithium ,glass, crystal all in one

And even more satisfying then any one of them

She tried to stop

But there is no escape for the pain she feels inside

There is nothing g more more to say

On a unquiet evening

Deep in the darkness she found it in her self

The will to give it all up

She found it all inside

The strength to cut it all off

Her veins and her heart

She found it all inside her little broken heart

The will to turn everything off.

In the last word she spoke

She said as van Gogh once said before the end

“La tristesse durera toujours" (French: "The sadness will last forever”)

And I her last words she dare not say good bye

Thinking no one would care

Thinking no one would spare even just a thought.

But then again I did

Then I again I do.

Once upon a never

she was born

Once upon Now

She died

comiting suicide

Once upon a maybe

i wont

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