The Innocent Dove

November 24, 2010
By MWolf9 BRONZE, Jackson, New Jersey
MWolf9 BRONZE, Jackson, New Jersey
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Two people who do not know each other cross paths.
They do not seem to notice and continue on their way.
The girl walks into a library and sits down to talk to her friends.
Twenty minutes later, he decides to enter the same place.
She glances at him and chooses to go over to talk to him.
It is a normal conversation, introducing herself and whatnot.
What she did not realize is that they have a connection.

A week later, they run into each other at 7 -11.
He starts talking about how the weather is as lovely as her voice.
The sky is as bright and clear as her blue eyes.
She blushes shyly as he buys her a Slurpie and walks her to her car.
Regretfully, he forgets her name and asks what her number is.
She tells him with a jolly laugh.

Two days later, June 18th, she is getting herself ready for the date.
She wears a V- neck short dress that is black and shiny.
Straightening her hair, she finishes by adding a side clip.
She puts on a nice necklace as she hears a knock on the door.
Hustling, she puts on her black shoes and opens it.
She says hello and stares into his brown eyes.

He is stunned by her natural beauty and compliments her.
He tells her, "You are beautiful,"
He takes her to the restaurant in his white Acura.
While they were there, he mentions how much he likes to sing.
She says how she plays the guitar and sings too.
They hit it off, and they have many conversations.
She thinks he is the best guy that she has ever met.

Afterwards, he takes her to a Gazebo in a park.
It is nine o' clock pm, and two doves are about to take off and fly.
He takes the lead, and she follows his footsteps.
He dips her, and she spins into his arms.
Somehow, a random guy turns into the love of her life.
He tells her that each time she looks at the moon, he is also doing the same thing.
He kisses her on the cheek.

Why must love start off great and end poorly?
We did go on three dates.
Every night, he would call me to show that he cares about me.
I kept wondering when he would ask me to be his girlfriend.
He would have been the perfect boyfriend.
The day never happened.

Two doves are about to take off and fly.
One leaves the other, who is left to fend on her own.

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