November 24, 2010

Should I let the body
come undone. The meaning of better
and other grammatical comparisons.

After a talk, the hairball stretched across,
wisping its hair-strand antennas–
the wind of a cricket. And later

another with your mother. You feel better now.
You can still believe the mole on your cheek
is something to bathe in.

Or why my feet become scattered,
my minds ringing in restlessness–
the outcome of being too perceptive

And caring what other people think
is dangerous. I see the smirk from the corner
of my eye. If I lean or bend or move- I’m caught.
I am forced to swallow two children
fighting and this is

After last year’s paranoia. Quick to observe and
pretend that everyone thinks you’re so damn pretty.
Not beautiful–

And not anything other than that diminutive figure
you’ve put out in the clasping world,
waiting to grab a hold of all possible uses–

Of later or even tomorrow.

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