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November 24, 2010
By JustinBlaesing DIAMOND, Racine, Wisconsin
JustinBlaesing DIAMOND, Racine, Wisconsin
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I live day to day wondering
Who I really am and who
I really want to be
People say I’m nobody and I
Start to believe them

People laugh, people tease
It tares me apart and makes
Me cry, cry all alone
They ask if I’m ok and
I wonder what I’m going to say

I look at a baby, a new life
Wishing I could go back,
Back when I went the wrong way

I think about how to
Change my ways
People say I’m fine as is
But yet I feel like crying

I look in a mirror, you see what I see
I see a kid with a good future,
A future in writing if I keep it up

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem on November 24, 2010. I looked in the mirror, staring at myself in a daze. I wanted to find my real calling. I want to know who I really am. Am I sweet and kind? Am I dark and mean? Am I a player and a hater? Who am I? I am me. Nothing can change that.

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