The Sick Captain, Suffers No More.

November 24, 2010
By MichaelD BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
MichaelD BRONZE, Wilmington, Massachusetts
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The ocean is rough
He has been through enough.
His ship is still fully rigged
The crew shall remain aboard for eternity.
Though the journey may be long
The strong shall help the weak
Make it through day break.
The crew remains calm
under orders of the Co-Captain.
When the seas get to the roughest point
and the ship tilts sideways,
reach to the Lord for guidance.
When all else fails
The Lord shall not.
The crew becomes exhausted,
but will always be at his side
through spirit and heart.
The ocean is finally calm,
the storm has died down, the sky is clear.
The Captain suffers no more,
Rest easy knowing he was guided to shore.

Rest At Sea
We Love you Papa

Love, your Grandson

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