Questions that haunt my every thought

November 24, 2010
By Marylouisegarner GOLD, Applegate, California
Marylouisegarner GOLD, Applegate, California
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"Eberythong happens for a reason"

Why cant you just let me be happy?

why cant you just let the smile stay on my face?

Why did you have to rob me of my bliss

Why did you turn your back away from me when you knew i loved you?

Why did you just give up?

Why do you always have to cloud my thoughts

Why do you have to haunt me every second

Why do you make me want to end my life

Why do you keep coming back when all i want to do is let you go

Why cant I get over this

Why cant I just lose my hope, cause i know ive already lost you

Why couldnt you of just tried

Why did you do this to me

Why dont you save me when you know im dieing inside

Why dont you even show that you care

Why cant you just love me

Why cant you just hug me and tell me you care

Why do you keep me under this dark mass

Why is it that everytime i feel something, you come into my mind and steal away everything

Why did you have to leave me broken

Why cant you just turn back time

Why cant I pretend it never happend

Why cant I keep a smile on my face

Why is all my happiness a lie

Why do you get to be happy and leave me dieing

Why did you take my inoccence along with my heart

Why cant you just give it back

Why cant I blame you

Why do I blame myself

Why cant I just hate you

Why do I hate myself

Why diidnt I see it failing

Why didnt you stop it

Why did you give up when you knew its all i wanted

Why did you say goodbye when you knew i didnt want that

Why did you chose her over me

Why couldnt I be good enough

What did I do wrong

Why did you take my heart, soul, and my everything

Why cant you just let me be happy

Why must I suffer until i have nothing left

Why do I always come back for more

Why do I always have to torture myself with your words

Why do I still love you after everything

Why do I hold on to your love when its no longer there

Why do I let myself suffer

Why am I just sitting here when I know your happy

Why cant I just be happy

Why do you affect me so much

What make you diffrent from the rest

Why did you get into my head and take ahold of my heart, just to break me

Why did you leave me so broken

Why am I letting you win

Why cant I look at your face and not feel my broken heart

Why cant I just pick the pieces of myself up and glue them back together

Why do I let myself fall

Why dont I just give in to my thoughts and act

Why am I still here?

What more do I have to give.

You took everything from me, and now im left with nothing. Every happy moment i had, every smile across my face, is gone. I feel dead inside. I feel only pain. And now im falling. Falling until i hit bottom. Until i hit something. I have nothing to stand for. I have no heart that beats for anything. I have nothing to stand for. I dont beleive in myself. And i dont beleive in humanity.

Why am I still here?

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