November 24, 2010
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I stare at them and I feel my heart pounding in my chest like a drum
Thud-thump, thud-thump
I try to look away but the angry emotions keep swelling up inside me.
I have to keep looking at them.

Their laughter pierces my ears as an arrow pierces the heart,
it prickles along my arms leaving goose bumps in its wake.
I cannot take anymore of this,
I feel as if I’m an angry bull preparing to charge.

Bitter emotions flood my chest as water floods a river,
Bringing with it waves of furious thoughts,
They flow into my mind as if the current of water is taking them.
One emotion seems to completely engulf me,

I feel as if I am drowning,
I splatter and splash,
Fighting the waves of jealousy.

But as they continue to wash over me,
And I start to give up,
I begin the slow realization of where this all began.

But of course!!!
It was jealousy,
The one emotion that has been constantly raging inside me,
giving the storm the energy and fight to persist.

So that’s the source of all this resentment I feel towards those people,
It has been controlling my body like a puppet master pulling all the right strings.
Controlling the storm that burst inside me.

The realization calms the fierce storm until it’s nothing but a drizzle
And I am left to clear up the destruction that it caused:
The guilt and sadness that tumbles uncontrolled throughout my body,
Preventing the jealousy from becoming another uncontainable storm.

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Salvation said...
Jan. 2, 2011 at 8:12 pm
I can relate to this so much,jealousy is such a lousy emotion but you cant help but feel it sometimes ><;
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