November 23, 2010
hidden beyond civilization.
broken beyond repair.
we wait.
amongst the deamons of hatred.
why must we suffer for your enjoyment.
screams and tears fill the open space.
distraught, we are locked in.
darkness has fallen on us.
with only a star of hope.
we bow our heads and pray.
families ripped apart.
slaughtered like pigs.
cowards they are, to kill us off.
no mercy shown.
no reason but hate.
shouldn't we hate too?
to take everything away?
a perfect world you attempt to create.
with perfect families of perfect race.
you are insane
we've done nothing.
you torture and murder us.
the blood is on your hands.
we work and weep.
praying to get out alive.
a camp that's a death trap.
we cry.
we bleed for lost memebers.
we scream for murderers to die.
while you smile and see the monster.
the one you created.
your personal entertainment.
as it completes your wish.
the day is horrid.
bodies everywhere.
we starve.
you prosper.
let it be known, your cruelty.
feared and never forgotten.
your massacre is complete.
your death is all that's left.
for the million you've killed.
your life equals our suffering.
now you rot in the underworld.
in peace we float above.
a mass murder.
hidden by darkness.
suffering at night.

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through_my_eyes said...
Dec. 12, 2010 at 7:19 pm

i likeeeeee :D :D :D

You've put in a lot of emotion :o 

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