November 23, 2010
By SStenerson BRONZE, Waconia, Minnesota
SStenerson BRONZE, Waconia, Minnesota
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Y’all, the worn faces, sweaty and true,
Telling tales about your trials,
Searching your mind to tell your miles,
with persistence.
At first, brave and brawny, but,
Now broken.
Standing hunched with pain, you clench your teeth,
And reminisce.
It hurts to remember, but you explain,
I listened with care and swallowed my fear
To understand where y’all have been
Many emotions stayed for your story,
But it was fright freed from my mind.
So, now I try to escape, and turn away,
With a quiver on my lip.
Scared of the truth, so when I can,
I’ll build a ladder to the clouds,
Not to get closer to God, but to get further from y’all.

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