Unknowingly Murderous

November 23, 2010
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In a room full of people,
her wails go unheard,
the superficial talk and laughter
drown out her cries,
she screams, and screams, and screams,
but it’s useless;
She is ignored.

She creates a mask,
a very beautiful one,
with a smile plastered on her face,
a happy life she tries to fake,
for she has lost hope in a savior.
No one cares enough to notice
her world that slowly crumbles,
she goes unnoticed.

Without the mask,
her face; emotionless.
Her body; like a zombie.
Her personality; distorted.
Her life,
like an old graveyard,
quiet and deserted.
She has no where to go, so,
she enters a room.

The room is full of people,
she wails but, still goes unheard.
The superficial talk and laughter
Drown out her cries.
For one last time, she screams,
but it’s useless.
She is ignored.

Her life, now a memory,
her death, a statistic,
their ignorance, her murderer.

Until the change is made
they are forever doomed,
to repeat, this tragedy, again.

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