For you, Lord, only you

November 20, 2010
By Anonymous

Why do I cry these tears?
Why do I carry these fears?
Why do I feel this pain?
Why do I bear this chain?
It's all for you, Lord, only you
Please show me what is true
Please tear me apart
By what breaks your heart
So I can leave a mark on this world
one life, one person, one girl
I'm waiting for your instructions
on how to repair my destruction
I ask for you forgiveness
and you give it to me with loveliness
How do I resist these temptations
when I'm confused by all the complications?
I need your guiding hand
every moment that I walk this land
You know that I may wander off course
but you call me back with tenderness, never force
For this I am glad
to shed these tears
to be burdened by these fears
to endure this pain
and to suffer for you in this chain

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