November 20, 2010
By White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
White.Roses DIAMOND, West Chester, Ohio
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Nothing can extinguish a broken heart,
In which you stabbed a flaming dart
I denied this would happen, from the start
And that is why we were torn apart

My mangled heart will ache forever
‘Cause I didn’t realize that you were so clever
I loved you through the stormy weather
And yet you simply loved me never.

And I don’t understand why you had to torture me.
I imagined us united, inseparable, meant to be.
But now the pure truth is all I may see.
I wouldn’t only cry a river, I’d cry you the sea.

It’s depressing to know that it was all a lie
And the memories of us; they refuse to die
They collide with my mind: all I can do is cry
And my soul is left frigid and dry

I prayed it wouldn’t happen this way.
When we departed, my world flashed gray.
I loathe how I dream about you every day
And how your voice still takes my breath away

I conclude that I just can’t get over you.
Even though you ripped my heart into two.
And I wish you were here, I really do.
But I never meant anything, you know it’s true.

So I sit on the outside looking in
I never could guess that you would win.
I hope you know, what you did is a sin.
The pain is still indulging, sharp like a pin

I will always remember how I was defeated
In a flaming pit is where my heart is seated
It was my own fault, I was helplessly conceited
Don’t think I will ever forget the day you cheated.

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