November 23, 2010
By JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
JohnTalbot GOLD, Dixon, Missouri
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Rather be starving free, than be a fat slave.

Intelligence isn’t the easiest thing to find for intelligence lives within only your mind. Intelligence is when gadgets & gizmos whirl round in your head, but whirl them to fast & your face will turn red. This isn’t a serious piece of literature, mostly for only those immature.

Do not judge intelligence like the cover of a book; treat it like nothing, maybe a hook. A hook that can catch you, your interests I mean. Intelligence is sort of like a science you see.

Now isn’t this fun, these riddles & rhymes? It doesn’t take intelligence, only your mind. Sometimes when confusing intelligence with your mind, you can become most unkind. You see arrogance can come with intelligence, especially after it goes to your head. This poem is to warn & teach you, that intelligence and your mind don’t usually combine.

The author's comments:
This is one of my more practical pieces. I wrote this because, a close friend bet me i couldn't write a positive poem, so I did.

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