Don't judge me

November 21, 2010
Waking up at dawn, the sunlight has shown adjacent to my forehead; the alarm clock had rung for quite a-while now, as if trying to extremely hard. I can hear footsteps making it way up-stair. No soon within seconds, my mom’s head slowly came in the view. I can see her by the reflection through the rear mirror, which I use to look at myself when getting dress, -trying hard not to move.
Get up! My mom bellowed “throwing my jeans and overall at my face”, you’d know it’s way pass first period!
I quickly sat up, looked at the pair of jeans, and decided to rustle around my pile of accessories that’ll look cool for to my friends and girls. I quickly grab some chains that dangle around my maximums and around my left leg, without hesitant, since my mom was so accustom to the way I dress. But my mom kelp saying “shai jai” in Chinese meaning “trying to be Gangsters?”. Which is pretty ironic because, I’m at one of the top high school in New York, with straight A’s and great SAT score.

Overall my implication of wearing what one wants, simply define their owns tastes and style. I once had been to SYEP theatre summer volunteer job. There was an introduction part where each individual, who wish to participate in the play, has to read a manuscript about Shakespeare. Although the introductory was hard to explicit, the part that we can dress whatever we like as an actor really fascinates me, without anyone judging whatever you should ware what.

After that summer of acting, I notice that my public speaking skills have improve dramatically, not only can I talk without constantly saying “Umm” , but also have confident in my works of literature mechanism. These positive aspect have thrive me even further into an skillful unknown zone, where I can have the opportunity and capacity to reveal what I’m really capable of.

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