The journey

November 21, 2010
By Jason Woodworth BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Jason Woodworth BRONZE, Kalamazoo, Michigan
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I looked for the place
The place that made my eyes well up and my mouth get dry
I've been looking for that poetic place where I'm not torn in two
and then we found it
I walked with family throught the heat
not real family
but the closest thing I could find because after Megan died I didn't know what to call family and what not to
we walked in the heat and sweat out all of our doubts and emotions and we let the sand tug at our feet and swallow us but we fought the feelings to turn back and walked further into the distance
me and my friend
my brother
my only family
I could feel the place
I could tell by the way my blood felt
like it was running faster than usual because we were close
I could tell by the thickness of the air like this place was so seldomly reached that the oxygen came to much
I labored with each breath and stumbled when I didn't step carefully
and then we broke through the trees and back onto the sand and we fell to our knees and weeped because we had actually done it
then we dropped our things and waded into the water with no intentions of coming back
and we floated out until we were by ourselves and couldn't see the beach and I knew we were there
the poetic place where everything was real but so far behind us that it didn't matter
and I knew Megan was there
and her big brother had come out to find her
and I treaded water until the sun set in my face and I could see my breath and floated on my back and let the earth have me because I needed to stay with her for a little while atleast.

The author's comments:
for my little sister

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