Prognosis of the vagabond

November 19, 2010
By splorter GOLD, Royal Oak, Michigan
splorter GOLD, Royal Oak, Michigan
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yes will focus on the unprocessed fragments of attitude ebbing off her,
simultaneously slinking down her slim shoulders, ricocheting
off every inch of her refined body.
Boiled and cooked stereotypes, articulated by “isms” I visualize. Drips it does. Cascades it does. But who does it? Ponder.
Effecting all in her impulsive, unplanned path, she does.

Second glance: Piercing looks, analytical
yet critical. Who is she? How much money does she have? The subliminal questions reside
in the whites of her eyes and will perpetually
contaminate her rotted soul.

Third glance: Lack of confidence, perhaps.
Anguishing about your turbulent past...Lost cause; is it? Flaunting what she craves with her meticulous movements specially designed to suppress society.
The glares manifest,
she picks apart her ever minimizing brain.

Fourth glance: You've been failed, have you not?
The prevalence of seeing people 'of your kind' is not existent. Rags sore my vision where your clothing should be...your hair....A tangled mess, symbolizing your new path, though not by choice.
Plastic bags, hanging
off every limb imaginable, are now her life, replacing her designer purses,
obsolete. Dirt scatters her face, obstructing the 'woman'
she once was. She is now the target of a different kind of stare, rather the one of envy
that previously defined her persona. The stare she is now of apathy and
a lethal combination.

Fifth glance: Incredibly precious, she is.
When you're around her, you can't help but feel complete.
Though parenthood isn't a breeze, it's the most beautiful experience I've ever invested in. Her relentless crying is somewhat humbling, it has evolved into music to my ears.

Sixth glance: She's six feet under now. You can see the ground
rising and falling, the distinct replica of her breathing. The energy in
possession to her grave is beyond my words, attracting even most innocent bystanders by it's frightening force. When snow falls, it gathers
on her grave, glistening daintily; it's anything but a metaphor for the wasted life, formed by society, that dominated her. At least now, she's heavenly disguised from the world....
exactly how she would have wanted it.

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