Miss Understood

November 19, 2010
People always joke,
jest, and make fun
of her when she says
the things she has done.
They point, and they stare
as she walks by,
but do they really know her?
Do they know why
she cries herself to sleep
each cold, dark night,
saying nothing feels good,
and nothing feels right.
She's never good enough
for the people at school.
They think she's unpopular.
They thing she's uncool,
but they don't really know her.
They don't know why
she never talks to them,
and, no, she's not shy.
She's just waiting
for her chance to emerge,
but for right now,
she just wants to be heard.
So, hear what you want
by your own choice
in this little whisper
of a sweet gentle voice.

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isabel17 said...
Dec. 10, 2010 at 2:14 pm
i love this. well done :)
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