A Girl of Dreams

November 21, 2010
By Blue13 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
Blue13 BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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This world
It wasn’t made for her
She’s a girl of dreams
Not practicality

Not made to count coins
Or pack and fold
No, that girl was never meant to mold

It took some time for her to see
Just how great that could be

But when she did
She whooped and laughed
She had never thought
Her unusual ways
Could bring her joy someday

But trouble followed her
As it always must
Her dreams hinged on a fragile something
That ended up being a bust

But dreams as large as hers
They can not be contained

She will fly again someday

The author's comments:
This poem is for any girl that's broken. You'll fly again, I promise.

This is my first poem. Feedback is always requested.

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