The Nerd

November 21, 2010
By vikings1994 BRONZE, Keedysville, Maryland
vikings1994 BRONZE, Keedysville, Maryland
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He loves to play with his calculator.
At the level with the alligator.
He fixes computers six days a week,
Stays up all night, hardly gets enough sleep.
He cant compete with the jocks on the team,
When it comes to the gym and weightlifting.
His name is Eugene; lives with his mother,
Has an x-box, plays Doom like no other.
With the girls at school, he has not a clue.
But guess what? for him, he never gets blue.
He buys the new CD's and MP3's,
Lucky fo him, he never gets any C's.
People at school say he looks like a fool.
He doesnt mind them, he thinks they are cruel.
So thats our little nerd, living his life.
I wonder if he'll ever find a wife.
So thats our

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