My Sidekick

November 21, 2010
By KariLynn GOLD, Cottonwood, Minnesota
KariLynn GOLD, Cottonwood, Minnesota
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My sidekick looks a lot like me-
with her big blue eyes,
and soft brown hair.
But we aren't exactly alike.
She is younger than me,
by about five years.
And her hair is dark brown,
mine is more of a golden brown.

My sidekick doesn't help save the world,
or have any super powers.
But she does help do chores.
And with her silly grin,
and goofy little laugh,
she has the power to make anyone smile.

My sidekick is more than a sidekick.
She is my little sister,
as you may have guessed.
This makes her better
than any sidekick I could ever have.

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