Afraid of Goodbye

November 21, 2010
By Muslimahsweetheart4ever BRONZE, New York City, New York
Muslimahsweetheart4ever BRONZE, New York City, New York
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"And if i has 2 walk a miles 2 find ur smile u noe i would babe!" - Miranda cosgrove

All the little moments
Fly away
But each second with you
Is for eternity
Undying love is you and I
Our hearts intertwined
A moment with you
Is all that I desire
Your love…
As memories come and go
On my mind is
Afraid of goodbye
But when the storm comes
We will part
I’ll remember…
I’ll remember all the simple things
I’ll remember till I cry
I’ll dread the goodbye
Hold me
Never let go
Afraid of goodbye
Don’t… Please don’t
Leave me alone
I’m crazy for you
Where does the love go
I can’t loose you
Afraid of goodbye
I wanna fly looking in your eyes
Don’t let go
What we have is oh so special
When you look me in the eyes
I can’t let go
Tell me you love and
Everything will be alright
Can’t wait to be by your side
Afraid of goodbye
Don’t let go
Not now
You promised we’d be
Together side by side
I won’t let go never
Afraid of goodbye

The author's comments:
This may seem like a love poem and it is but I feel like it apply's for all the people we love! <3 :)

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